What We Install ?


Building amazing subwoofers is where it all began for Ducks Audio. With each generation, our engineering team has achieved significant breakthroughs in design and performance. From the original 8W2, to the groundbreaking W1 and W6 subwoofers of the 1990's, and on to today’s industry-leading lineup, the focus has always been on sound quality and real-world performance capabilities... on redefining the state-of-the-art for low-frequency reproduction.


A great full-range speaker design is a collection of individual engineering decisions combining to achieve a well-framed goal. Small changes to the profile of a surround or a cone, the material of a spider or the gap geometry of a motor design contribute to the success of the whole. We offer five precisely engineered car speaker lines, each with multiple size variants to suit a wide range of applications. From the amazing value of the C1 line, to the absolute sound quality statement of our C7 components, their details have all been engineered to make great audio in your car.


Ducks Audio's amplifier engineering team is second to none in the 12-volt business, and the designs they produce are testament to their skill. They are committed to developing unique solutions that raise the performance bar for any budget, and every system design need. Our current amplifier lineup includes the amazing JD, RD, XD, and HD amplifiers, plus the groundbreaking VXi amplifiers with integrated, full-featured DSP.


Ducks Audio’s Bluetooth allow you to stream audio from your personal Bluetooth devices in a wide range of applications.


Car audio is our specialization, but our services extend to audio equipment for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and boats. If it has an engine and you need more audio equipment in it, Audio Express can probably help you out. We can install so much more than just audio equipment, too.


We also install driver assistance technology like backup cameras to help keep you safe on the road. Add a dash cam or security alarm for even more confidence when you’re in your car. We’ll also install remote start technology, GPS navigation systems, LED lights, and just about anything else you want in your vehicle.

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